Application/ processing fee: $25 (Non-refundable)

Fees for the Apprenticeship Program and Tri-hauler are $8750. There is a $1500 non-refundable deposit. Fees are as follows:

Apprenticeship Tuition and complete frameset. $3,800

Rent (4 months at $400 per month) Apprentices live on site, see below for details.

There is a $400 refundable housing deposit. $1,600

Components for Tri-Hauler (priced 10% above wholesale cost) $3,000

Pedal assist mid-drive. Motor / battery and accessories. *Varies according to use.
$1200- 2000.*

Customizable container or cargo/ passenger platform. *Varies according to business.
$1000 - $3000.*

Human Powered Network development fee $200

Required personal gear (welding helmet, etc) $150***

Total $8,750

* Total for personal gear may vary depending on what you already own

-The component fees get you a complete build with a NuVinci hub, White Industry rear hubs, Avid mechanical disc brakes front and rear., etc.

We want each apprentice to build a Tri-Hauler that is ready to ride at the end of the program and representative of Human Powered Machines product (a standard build).

-The Human Powered Network Development fee will be used to develop infrastructure and pursue grants for the Human Powered Network.

<strong>Refunds and Cancellations</strong>

We will have an evaluation at the end of the 1st month. If this placement is not in the best interests of both student and Center we will refund the fee minus the Non Refundable Deposit of $1500. We will not give any refund after the 1st month. In the unusual event that CAT cancels the Program, deposits and fees will be promptly refunded.