What you will get:

A training. You will learn from master machinists, experienced welders, designers, fixture makers, sewing people, and entrepreneurs. You will learn these skills well enough to start your own enterprise.

A complete TriHauler ( electric assist and platform extra). This trike has been proven through daily usage- through many styles of riding, many different kinds of loads, and all kinds of weather. It has evolved and improved over a 35 year period.

A review of your business plan and a design for your particular use. If we have time during or after the 4 months we will build it ( for a fair fee and with your direct involvement).

An experience. We have learned a lot over the last 25 years. And Jan has been at it even longer- since the 80’s. A training, a Cargo Trike, a plan and a container are great – but the understanding of how change happens- well that can apply to anything.