About HPM

HPM has one basic belief: diversity of product. Just as a monoculture system impairs the health of agriculture, one basic bike frame form limits the potential of human-powered transportation.

Family-style Long Haul with wooden container and aluminum treadplate.

Family-style Long Haul with wooden container and aluminum treadplate.

Can I try out any of the models?

Feel free to come by Eugene Bicycle Works, where many of these vehicles are on display and are available for test rides or rentals. You can also visit the fabrication facility at the same site.


Try the Human Powered Machines line of urban raingear for cyclists: ponchos, booties and helmet covers, all hand-made here at CAT by our staff. You can order online or come by Eugene Bicycle Works to buy off the rack.

Utility bikes for families

HPM is interested in bringing workbikes and cargo bikes to families as an alternative to urban automobile use. See how some have used their HPM cargo bikes as family vehicles.

HPM History

Human Powered Machines (HPM) was established in 1991. Our primary interest is in relieving urban congestion by building load-carrying workbikes and cargo bikes. We also produce many types of vehicles, including recumbents, utility trailers and folding bikes. The production of these vehicles integrates youth apprentices whenever possible. As a part of the Center for Appropriate Transport, HPM is the apprenticeship program where teenagers can acquire the diverse skills for a career in bicycle building.

Contact: email hpm@catoregon.org 541-343-5568 or 800-343-5568